The Scarcity of Nembutal Threatens Patients’ Right to Die Under the Death With Dignity Act.

nembutal-scarcityNembutal is currently the best death with dignity medication. It brings about an ideal death ? a death that is planned, 100% painless and cheaper than competitive choices. A drug this important and whose application is backed by law in three US states must be readily available for use. On the contrary, it is becoming scarcer and scarcer, and this is a major problem because the second best option is Secobarbital which sells at about 4 times the cost of pentobarbital and is even more difficult to find.

What accounts for the scarcity of Nembutal? The political battle that stands against the execution of death-row inmates using lethal drugs, including Nembutal, is currently having a negative impact on Death-with-dignity patients. Recently, opponents to death-penalty have pressured drug companies in the U.S. and in Europe to restrict drugs like Nembutal that are used to execute death-row inmates. Since U.S. prison officials use Nembutal in lethal injections for executions, production of this drug has all but ended in the United States. Manufacturing of the product has gone overseas and the companies in charge of production have put strict shipping terms and conditions because the drug can be used in death-penalty cases.

It is not easy to get a reliable source of Nembutal. Although some people clearly can’t afford for it because of the high cost, some who can afford the drug still can’t get it because they are unable to locate a reliable shop where they can buy Nembutal online. Should the scarcity of Nembutal limit some people from applying the law? It is important that all terminally ill patients within the scope of the death-with-dignity law be allowed to end their lives peacefully.

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