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As a result of the high demand for nembutal pentobarbital, many scammers online have targeted those in desperate need and are dubiously making a living out of their hard earned money. It is well understood that the controlled substance nembutal is scarce even in states where the death with dignity act is currently being enforced.

Nembutal sodium solution is in higher demand than the powder form, but are there any reliable sellers out there? Of course. The only problem is that they are hard to come by. Meanwhile most scammers don’t have any nembutal for sale at all but move forward to post ads online that read “buy nembutal online,” there are some sellers that actually have the product but lacks the means of shipping them.

It is therefore evident that availability of the product is not the only criteria one should use to determine legitimacy. If you are on a mission to purchase nembutal online, you must verify with the potential seller if they have a reliable means of shipping what you have paid for. A good way of going about this is by asking them for previous shipping proof, such as tracking numbers.

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