Importance and Advantages of the Death with Dignity Act

The Right to Die Debate – Is Death with Dignity the Solution?

Should people who perceive that they are in pain and extreme forms of suffering be given the right to intentionally end their own lives when they choose? This is Death With Dignity and is different from suicide. It is voluntary euthanasia with honour. This may be a more or less tough question to answer for someone who has never been a victim of prolonged pain and suffering, without any hopes of recovery. But for those who have, the answer is a plain “yes”. One may argue that in such a state, it is difficult to think straight and people often take harsh and irrational decisions. However, let’s keep aside every logic and face the situation for what it is.

Most of the arguments related to the right to die are often ideological, and are mostly based on many aspects of civility that hold great importance such as legality, ethics, religion, spirituality or spiritual beliefs. Opinions vary based on age, personal experiences, belief systems, culture and many other aspects of humanity that have a direct influence on the way we think about any vital aspect of life.

Death With Dignity

Advantages of the Right to Die – How Does Assisted Suicide Help?

Below are advantages of giving people the right to die with dignity
The death of a patient is undoubtedly the end of pain and suffering for him/her. It is pointless to allow someone to suffer great pain for a prolonged period of time against his/her will, or worst of all when it is not certain that the patient in question will recover. Even in some cases of recovery, the patient may die just a few days or weeks later due to the breakdown. This short period of living afterwards may not be worth the pain the patient has endured.

The opportunity to die with dignity consoles the patient and even family/friends. No matter the ups and downs in someone’s life, his/her last moment must be treasured. Being in bed for a very long time and finally dying after loss of physical or mental capacities does not dignify the patient. Neither does it dignify those who care about him/her.

Health is not cheap. Prolonged health care often comes with great financial responsibilities which become a burden especially to poor and averagely wealthy individuals or their families. It is frustrating for someone to still end up dead after thousands of dollars have been ?wasted? which otherwise could have reserved for the family the patient is leaving behind if he/she was allowed the choice to die peacefully and with dignity.

You can never get a patient’s last words or wishes when he/she dies unexpectedly after a prolonged bed ride. On the other hand, if the patient has taken the decision to die on a specific date, he/she can make certain arrangements with loved ones and say final good-byes.

Many people live in terrible conditions or die every day as a result of unavailability of organs to donate to them. If a patient who has no hope of recovery is subjected, in accordance to his/her will, to death with dignity that is planned for in advance, his/her organs that are vital for the survival of another patient can be harvested and donated to save other lives.

Death with dignity is painless and less traumatic than With the assistance of a physician a patients can flee prolonged pain and suffering and die with dignity. This is very important because loved ones may become traumatised when they see the patient suffering for too long.

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